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Highlights from the Celebrate Life Book Tour and helpful articles on self care, mindfulness, and personal growth.

Coming Soon: The Celebrate Life Condo!
Living Room 2.jpg
Ocean sports just steps away from the front door.
No one here watches TV around 5:30 pm.   Everyone is watching this, instead.
Mar Arena Ocean Front Condominiums
Pre-renovation Bedroom
Pre-Renovation Kitchen

Soon you’ll be able to rent the little slice of paradise where the book, Celebrate Life, was written.

Come to Costa Rica and enjoy the “Pura Vida” lifestyle that all of your friends have been telling you about.

The renovations are underway:

1. Stone from Guatemala.

2. Custom rustic lighting.

3. Hand-carved furniture.

4. Indigenous pottery and artwork

5. Costa Rican ceramic tile floor

More pics to come!!


Marcello Pedalino
Marcello Pedalino promotes "Traveling Outside Your Comfort Zone" on Buzzfeed
Marcello Pedalino, Buzzfeed, Travel, Celebrate Life

The Celebrate Life Book Tour continues in 2019 courtesy of BuzzFeed. My thoughts on travel were featured in a New Year's Day article on living your best life.

"Travel outside your zip code, travel outside your country, and most importantly- travel outside your comfort zone once in awhile. Go see how other people live and learn from their culture. You’ll probably see very quickly how Americans tend to over-complicate things and why they are ranked much higher on that World Happiness Report."…/9-tips-you-can-use-today-to-begi…

Thank you Marina Kostina and Andrea Mandel Pass for your continued support! :) 

Cheers, -m 


Marcello Pedalino
3 Important Government Updates on Exercise Guidelines Released This Week: "Move More. Sit less. Start younger!"
Marcello Pedalino, Celebrate Life Book, Healthy Kids Pediatrics,

With only 20% of Americans getting enough exercise today, it's not surprising that the American Heart Association was anxious to reveal the first government updates on physical activity in 10 years and publish them in the latest Journal of the American Medical Association.

1) The childhood obesity problem has prompted experts to have children get involved in "active play" as early as 3 years old vs. the old recommendation of 6 years old. Up to 3 hours of various activities per day. At the conference, Dr. Valentin Fuster, a cardiologist from Mt. Siani who gave the results from an intensive program designed to help improve the knowledge and attitude towards exercise in toddlers- put it best, "Once they understand how the body works, they begin to understand physical activity and its importance... When brains are young, it's the best opportunity to set health habits that last."

2) Ages 6-17 should now get at least 1 hour per day of exercise like walking, biking, or running. Three times per week, at least 30 minutes of those sessions should include vigorous muscle and strength building.

3) Adults still need up to 5 hours of aerobic exercise or up to 2.5 hours of vigorous strength training per week but now experts agree that "something is better than nothing." If you only have 5 to 10 minutes to get off the couch or out of your chair, do it. Doing 5 minutes of pushups, jogging in place, or jumping rope is enough to yield the short-term benefits of reducing stress, improving your sleep, and lowering your blood pressure.

Dr. Jill and Marcello Pedalino, CFT.jpg

Marcello Pedalino, CFT, is the author of the new inspirational book on personal growth and development, Celebrate Life. He is an award-winning entrepreneur, lifestyle expert, and fitness trainer. He delivers dynamic keynote presentations to corporations and organizations across the country who need help making Energy Management and Work-Life balance a priority.

Marcello Pedalino
The Celebrate Life Ride Marcello Pedalino and Friends
The 2018 Celebrate Life Ride with Marcello Pedalino and Friends,

You are who you surround yourself with. :) 

There are people who start things, and people who FINISH. There are people who make excuses, others- who make RESULTS. And then, there are people who will melt in the rain, while others will DANCE in Mother Nature’s awesome sauce. 

Which one are you?


Marcello Pedalino
All You Need Is Love… and Fresh Ingredients! A Friendly Reminder From Dr. Jill and Marcello Pedalino
Marcello Pecalino, Dr. Jill Garripoli Pedalino

“Cooking is an art and patience a virtue. Careful shopping, fresh ingredients and an unhurried approach are nearly all you need. There is one more thing – loveLove for food and love for those you invite to your table. With a combination of these things you can be an artist.” – Keith Floyd

Dr. Jill Garripoli Pedalino, Marcello Pedalino

During their recent trip to Italy, Dr. Jill Garripoli Pedalino, Pediatrician and owner at Healthy Kids Pediatrics, and Marcello Pedalino, author of Celebrate Life, had the opportunity to pursue the art of cooking, to revel in the excitement of shopping for fresh ingredients every morning, and to bask in the joy of eating beautiful homemade meals with the best of friends and family.

Marcello Pedalino
Choosing Focus over Distractions- Marcello Recommends: Attention Pays by Neen James
Neen James - Attention Pays - Barnes and Noble - 5th Ave.jpg

Not many people I know get their book displayed in the storefront of Barnes and Noble on 5th Avenue in New York City. Then again, I don't know many people like Neen James.  As a matter of fact, she's one of a kind. 

Beyond the impressive thought leadership brilliance and talent on stage is a beautiful combination of style, flair, and generosity toward those she cares about.  I'm very fortunate to call her a dear friend and grateful to have her as a mentor.   

The really cool thing is that even if I weren't a huge fan, I'd still be recommending her latest book, Attention Pays, "How to Drive Profitability, Productivity, an Accountability" to all of my fellow entrepreneurs and professional colleagues.

Attention-Pays, Neen James

Attention Pays is a fabulous new book that covers the essentials of managing your energy, sharpening your focus, and prioritizing your time.  It's filled with helpful facts, actionable guidance, research, and anecdotes that will help you navigate the inevitable work-life integration challenges you face every day in this fast-paced, digital distraction-filled world.

Here are a few of my favorite excerpts:

"We are so focused on technology, our never ending to-do list, and our lack of time, we fail to pay attention to the people, passions and priorities that are important to us."

"I want you to look up at the magnificent world around you and really notice people.  I want you to take a moment and really look someone deeply in the eyes.  I want you to pause, take a breath, and be right here in the very moment."

"In a study of 2000 respondents, Think Money found a total of 759 hours, (That's 31 days!) in lost time every year due to distractions."

"The Diffusion Group published findings on that we spend more time watching Netflix than eating, reading, or having sex!"

Neen James.jpg

"Work life-life integration is when your environment, emotions, and expectations are what you want them to be.  It's creating an environment that works for you.  That might mean working home on a Friday to complete strategic projects."

"Transformational attention means holding our own agenda at bay and being outward rather than inward focused. It's being tuned in to the implication of our words, actions, and behaviors. It's listening with the intent to listen, instead of  listening to respond. We can constantly choose to invest rather than waste our attention on a regular basis no matter how busy we perceive we are."

"Stop trying to be all things to all people.  Stop trying to do everything. Stop trying to be everywhere and part of every conversation."

"Motivation is what gets you started.  Habit is what keeps you going." - Jim Rohn

"Unsubscribe to anything that doesn't positively feed your soul."   

  "Avoid drama. Don't participate on social media platforms or discussion groups where you will be exposed to negative sources that won't provide valuable feedback."

 "Those with intentional attention spend 15 minutes each morning deciding their top three priorities for the day.  They know where they are going, their long-term goals, and they know how their daily goals will help them reach their ultimate destination.  They accomplish their non-negotiable priorities first, and then fill in with lower-level priorities."

"Say 'no' to things that don't take you closer to your goals, get you excited, make you want to jump out of bed, or move you forward."

Click here to order your copy of Attention Pays.



Marcello Pedalino
5 Unique Workouts To Spice Up Your Summer!

So, we’re halfway through Summer. ( I know, I know... boo hoo.)   Most people I chat with at a speaking engagement or a book tour stop fit pretty neatly into one of these two categories:

They’ve either been working out for at least a few months and are totally bored doing the same exercises over and over... Or, worse,  their New Year’s resolution to start working out failed miserably back in February and now they’re finally ready to get back into shape.

The solution for both scenarios is to keep things interestingMuch like a healthy relationship, you need to have some fun and spice things up on a regular basis. 

Here are 5 unique summer workouts for you to consider if you’re ready to try something new and exciting.

Celebrate Life Book,, Unique Fun Summer Workouts, Group Fitness,  Marcello Pedalino, Mike Needham, Vertiquest Gym

1) American Ninja Warrior Training:

Now you can workout like all the Rock Stars you see on the hit tv show, American Ninja Warrior!  Specialty gyms like the one you see here called a Vertiquest, which is owned by my friend and veteran Ninja, Mike Needham, are popping up all over the country.  

They feature an amazing array of physical challenges including the famous warped wall.  A vertical ramp that you have to run up and scale to the top.  

If you’re looking for a unique alternative to pull-ups, you can try out the A-frame Staircase, The Rolling Dice, or The Lord of the Rings!  

My favorite part about ninja warrior training is that, like the Cha Cha Challenge, (#4 below) it can be done solo, with a group of friends, or with your kids as a family workout.   My wife and I took our 9 year-old daughter and she had a blast!   

Ninja gyms, like Vertiquest, feature parkour sequences.  And this is not like the kind where kids are just jumping from building to building 7 stories in the air (which I think is nuts and unsafe).  The parkour workouts done at these gyms are supervised by professionals and done with mats or foam pits underneath the guests.   This way you get the best of both worlds.   Safety AND a great workout. 

2) Tsunami Fitness: 

A general rule of thumb in the aquatic fitness world is,   Wetter is Better!  

Try some yoga poses, shadow boxing, and burpees on a stand-up paddle board.

Just trying to balance on the water engages your core and keeps you from getting too comfortable, which is what happens to most people who take a typical studio class.  

There are also bands that attach to the board so you can do bicep curls and shoulder presses to focus on the upper-body as well.

When you’re on the water, everything is more challenging and usually a lot more fun. 

The bonus is ... unlike yoga and Pilates, which are fantastic workouts,  you can splash around the pool and almost forget that you’re actually working out. 

Celebrate Life Book,, Unique Fun Summer Workouts, Group Fitness,  Marcello Pedalino, H20 Fit

3) H2O HIT

This is Rocky Balboa meets Aqua Man.  

Not only is this a fantastic upper-body workout, it’s a great way to reduce stress.  

Aqua boxing allows you to let off some steam AND cool down by hitting a heavy bag that’s made to sit in the water and gloves made specifically to add additional resistance to each and every punch! 

Anytime you can punch something really hard and nothing gets broken OR nobody gets hurt... it’s a win win! Aqua boxing will shape and tone your back, bis, tris, and shoulders.

 If you happen to have the Rocky theme handy, crank it up so you can really go to town with a cool dash of cardio splash.

Plank Challenge, Cha Cha Slide Plank, Celebrate Life Book,, Unique Fun Summer Workouts, Group Fitness,  Marcello Pedalino

4) Cha Cha Challenge:  

Try to hold a modified plank for 3 minutes while dancing to the Cha Cha Slide. 

One of the best exercises for your core and abs is a plank.  But planks are boring, and they’re really hard.   So my friends and I distract ourselves by dancing and having a lot of fun.

If you can get into the classic pushup position, you can do the Cha Cha Challenge! You follow the instruction of the Cha Cha Slide song and change the position of your hands and feet while keeping the beat.

This is something that you can do pretty much anytime and  anywhere. And, you can do it solo or with your family and friends of all ages.  All you need is a flat surface and your phone to play the song.  There’s a few versions on youtube already. If you’d like to use our version of the Cha Cha Challenge, just go to  That’s the one featured (above) with my good friends, Debbie, Janel, and Kathy at my Y back in NJ. 

5) Tires and Trees:

This is Paul Bunyan meets the Michelin Man.

Where can you get a workout that features plyometrics, cardio, fun with your friends, AND a great excuse to get a little dirty?  Simple... get outside and go into the woods!

Find an old tire from a tractor or earth mover at a local junkyard and start flipping it around.  *(With proper squat and dead lift form, of course.)   You'll find many variations, sizes, and weights to work with.  I recommend starting out light and slowly progressing.   If you enjoy working out as a team or in a group, go find a tire that's too heavy for you to lift by yourself.   This forces you to work together as a team and be laser focused during the workout.  If you really like to have fun and challenge yourself, find a hill and start rolling!

Celebrate Life Book,, Unique Fun Summer Workouts, Group Fitness,  Marcello Pedalino

Next, find some small fallen trees and stumps in the woods and do some shoulder carries with your friend or workout partner.   *If they say that they don't want to get their fancy gym sneakers or clothes dirty, then you need to find a new friend or workout partner.  Not only is this an awesome and unique workout, you'll feel invigorated by the fresh air, nature, and noticeable change in your surroundings both during and after the workout.  If you don't feel invigorated, you're probably a pretty boring person and you should just stick with the treadmill and staring at your phone for 30 minutes pretending to be "at the gym" on instagram. :)

Whether you like to get wet or you’re more comfortable on land, remember this: it’s easier to stay in shape than to get back into shape.  So keep your workouts fun, unique, and challenging so you maintain a healthy lifestyle all year round.   Keep your body and mind fresh and wanting more!  When it comes to achieving long term results in the wellness game, the right balance of variety and consistency is the key.

Celebrate Life Book,, Unique Fun Summer Workouts, Group Fitness,  Marcello Pedalino

Marcello Pedalino, CFT, is an award-winning entrepreneur, lifestyle expert, and fitness trainer.

He delivers dynamic keynote presentations to corporations and organizations across the country who need help making Energy Management and Work-Life balance a priority.

Pedalino is the author of the new inspirational book, Celebrate Life: How to live it up, discover fulfillment, and experience the joy you deserve.

Marcello Pedalino
Remind Yourself What You're Capable Of
Dr. Jill Pedalino (left) with Ron and Jill Michaels in Fort Collins, Colorado

Dr. Jill Pedalino (left) with Ron and Jill Michaels in Fort Collins, Colorado

My good friend, Ron Michaels, is a really impressive athlete.  He competes in Ironman competitions, cruises up huge mountains on his bike without breaking a sweat, and can pretty much run 2 marathons back to back before lunch time.  

But what I dig most about Ron is how much money and awareness he raises for great causes (Larimer Human Society / Clothes to Kids of Denver) and how well he treats his friends and family.

My wife and I had the opportunity to visit with Ron and his lovely wife, Jill, this past weekend.  In addition to some epic hiking and cycling, one of my favorite moments of the trip was seeing his "trophy room."

Yes, it was filled with medals and the typical fanfare swag that an incredible athlete can earn and proudly display, but what impressed me most was why Ron really has the room in his house.  He and I discussed the importance of celebrating our life's accomplishments, but more importantly- we discussed the importance of reminding ourselves what we're capable of. 

Ron Michaels, Dr. Jill Pedalino. Marcello Pedalino - Rock Mountain National Park, Colorado

In my book, Celebrate Life, Ron is featured in the chapter about Travel and he exemplifies the VIPs (Very Inspirational People) that I talk about in chapter 2.  Keep Good Company.  I'm grateful to have a true friend that reminds me to travel outside of your comfort zone when possible and that when it comes to building your tribe,  you are who you surround yourself with.



Ron Michaels, Dr. Jill Pedalino, & Marcello Pedalino at Red Rocks ampitheartre- Colorado

Marcello Pedalino
Inspirational Lunch with Deidre Breckenridge, Author of "Answers For Modern Communicators"
Marcello Pedalino and Deirdre Breckenridge at Sushi Lounge

3 Things I Love:

1) Being inspired by really smart and successful people.

2) Having stimulating conversations where differences of opinion are exchanged in a civil and humorous manner.

3) Deirdre Breakenridge :)

She's the host of The Women Worldwide Podcast and author of the awesome new book, 'Answers For Modern Communicators.'

Great to see you Deirdre! Thank you for your time. I look forward to our next meeting and future collaborations.

Cheers, -m

Marcello Pedalino
From DC to Baltimore to Bridgewater N.J.... The Celebrate Life Book Tour Continues!
Marcello Pedalino, Celebrate Life, Aldo Ryan, Maggianos

What a delightful afternoon with some of the best entertainers, entrepreneurs, and Dads on the east coast.

I got to hang out with some very distinguished gentlemen, sign a few books, and offer a toast that included wellness tips from each chapter of Celebrate Life. 

Special thanks to Maggiano's for the delicious luncheon and to Jasonand Elysa Hochman for the fabulous flamenco guitar entertainment! Onwards and upwards!



Marcello Pedalino
Marcello Pedalino on Good Day Baltimore: 3 Ways to Spring Into Fitness

1) Hydrate and Eat Properly

Be sure to drink plenty of water. It helps boost your immune system, it's good for your skin, and it helps with weight loss. Many people often confuse being hungry with being thirsty.

Eat healthy snacks and drink protein shakes that are tasty and convenient. Take a few minutes in the morning to pack smart for the day and avoid going through unhealthy drive through.

2) Try Yoga, Swimming, or a 5k

The best way to ease into a fitness routine is to do full body workouts that are gentle on the joints. Yoga and swimming are the best.

You can also try walking, jogging, or running a local 5k. I recommend doing it with a few friends or family members so you have some accountability partners to keep you on track during training.

The cool thing about a 5k is that you can also raise money for a great cause at the same time. One of the best ways to feel good about yourself is doing something good to someone else.

3) Cross Train and Keep it Fun!

Going to the gym can get pretty boring pretty quick if you don't mix up your workouts Variety is the spice of life. And remember, Spring is Mother Nature's way of saying, "Hey! Let's Party!" Get outside! Try hiking, biking, & kayaking. It's a great way to avoid muscle complacency and stay motivated.

You can even dance your way into a better body! Try doing the Cha Cha Slide "Plank Challenge!"

Marcello Pedalino
Great Day Washington LIVE with Marcello Pedalino, author of Celebrate Life.

59 seconds of highlights from the Great Day Washington Live #booktour stop with Markette Sheppard and Kristen Berset-Harris. We riffed about #yoga, how deep #breathing can make you say #lifeisgood, what a #healthysnack is, getting your butt up off the couch by #walking or #jogging a #5k , making a boring #plank workout fun, and the awesomeness of #premierprotein.

Cheers- m


Marcello Pedalino
Raw, Real, & Brutally Honest-  Marcello Recommends: 'Waiting For The Punch' by Marc Maron
Waiting For The Punch - Marc Maron

400 pages!  No pictures?  Not the type of book that usually makes me say, "yeah, that looks like a fun and interesting read...  I'll buy THAT one." 

But, I'm easily impressed by big names. So when I saw Barack Obama, Bruce Springsteen, Conan O'Brien, Amy Poehler, Amy Schumer, and Mel Brooks listed as featured contributors to the book,  I went for it.

That was 3 months ago.  

After a few flights and in between some family  time, I finally finished the last page.

Wow.  I really love when people- famous or not, speak from the heart and wear their feelings on their sleeves.  When they hold nothing back.  When they share things that are messy.  When life hurts.  When life is good.  When they messed up.  When they tasted success AND when they choked on failure.  When they were as brave as a comic book hero and when they were as scared and as uncertain as a newborn. 

Author, Marc Maron

Author, Marc Maron

Marc Maron, the creative force and host of the hugely popular WTF Podcast, gathered some "best of" moments from a few of his interviews (a vault of 10 years of one-on-one chats with some of Hollywood and Comedy's A-List) where they riffed on things like addiction, divorce, mortality, identity, sexuality, parenting, relationships, and mental health.    

The result was a (big) book filled with stories that will make you laugh, make you feel better about yourself, make you think, and make you reconsider your efforts the next time you seek approval vs. integrity.

Here are a few of my favorite excerpts from Waiting For The Punch;


"I've told everyone I know, "Never get divorced." Work through it, if possible.  Divorce was so hard.  But over the years, things happen.  People grow apart.   ...The hardest thing was knowing that it was the right thing to do.  Staying was awful.  The thought of leaving was hideous and awful, but the thought of staying was worse." -Rachael Harris


Barack Obama.jpeg

"I don't have to push back from the love and values that my mom instilled in me.  She instilled in me these core values that for awhile I thought were corny.  Then right around twenty you start realizing that honesty, kindness, hard work, responsibility, looking after other people- they're actually pretty good values.  They're homespun.  They come out of my Kansas roots, but they're the things that ultimately ended up being most important to me and how I tried to build my life."  -Barack Obama


melissa ethridge

"So I decided I was going to come out.  I didn't know how.  I thought I was going to do it on Arsenio Hall.  In the meantime, I'm doing work, political work with a lot of gay and lesbian groups that helped get Bill Clinton elected.  They have this inauguration ball and it's the most fun because it's all the gay people, of course.  Rock and roll was back at the White House.  We were there.  And us gays were being gays and we were allowed to be part of the party

So I came out at the inaugural ball there with everyone.  K.D. Lang had said some things and there were a couple of other people there.  She had just come out a few months before that.  She introduced me, "Melissa Etheridge," and I walk up.  "Yay!"  And everyone's screaming and hollering because it's one thing that I'm even there supporting them and then I'm like, "Oh, I just want to say, I'm just so proud to be a lesbian."


It was like a match lit. Now you're on a journey, here you go."   -Melissa Etheridge


Amy Poehler.jpg

I don't like anyone else's kids. You think having kids makes you like all kids, but it doesn't.  You just like your kids.  Especially if you're by yourself because you're like, I don't have my kids now. This is the time where I'm supposed to pretend like I'm twenty four and traveling the world by myself."  -Amy Poehler


Bruce Springsteen.jpg

"There are irretrievable relationships where events have occurred that relationships don't come back from.  I know plenty of people who had to sign off from their families for a variety of reasons.  For good, healthy reasons to move on with their lives.  That can happen.  But if the relationships are retrievable,  and I felt like mine was, then there's a nice payback in seeing things come closer and become a little healthier."  -Bruce Springsteen


Jason Segel.jpg

"A month into not drinking, I was driving down the street.  I was driving back from San Diego Comic-Con.  I was listening to the oldies station.  All of a sudden I realized I was singing along to Rock Around the Clock. I was like, "Whoa, I feel good. I feel pretty happy. I've seen this in the movies where people sing in the car in a real happy mood." I've never looked back.  It was the best decision I ever made for myself."  -Jason Segel


Rob Delaney.jpg

"Life is going to kick your fxxxxxx face in and you're going to get depressed, you're going to get upset, you're going to get sad, and that's ok.  When you get that you can transcend it and be like, "Oh, I don't have to be miserable."  Horrible things are happening everywhere all the time, and there's a statistical likelihood that I will die of stomach cancer or a car accident, let's enjoy ourselves while we've got it.  I realized as I said it, this might not sound uplifting, but I believe it.  Life is super hard.  Once we achieve peace with that knowledge, then happiness can be possible."  -Rob Delaney


Thom Schapling.jpg

"I was at Luna Lounge with my friend, and at that point I was working in a music store.  My friend was writing for MTV, writing commercials.  And there's young Marc Maron onstage.  I was already feeling not good about where I was in life, and you were telling some story onstage there, and then you said, "That's like the difference between someone working at a music store and someone working up at MTV."  Literally, I was next to my friend, and it was that dynamic.  I was like, "Oh, this is not good. I am not in a good place at all.  Now people onstage are making fun of the hole I'm in, like using it as a demarcation point where I'm actually at in my life.  My friend is literally working at MTV now, writing up there."  That kind of spurred me.  I was like, "I have to change things."  -Tom Schapling


Chris Hayes.JPG

The first day I had a byline was in the winter, and I got on the bus, and rode it south on Clark Street, knowing that van that dropped off the free paper came from downtown.  I went south until I hit a bookstore that I knew was south enough to have it, and got it there fresh off the press, and grabbed it and saw my byline.  I still remember that moment.  Amazing moment.

What I came to realize is that it was going to be a path to misery for me if the way I valued my work was the reaction it got, because sometimes it would get a reaction, and sometimes it just disappointed.  I realized in that moment.  Now, I have lost sight of that a million times since.

MM- "You fall victim to that because now you're making a show that's out in the world. and you're like, "Did it go viral?" Or, "Did anyone pick up on that?" "Did it get traction?"

"As opposed to, "Did we make a thing that was good?" A good thing in the world that I'm proud of, as a thing.  A real thing." -Chris Hayes



"I'm in a hospital, I ended up with pneumonia, had nothing to do with HIV.  I ended up with this double pneumonia.  My wife's still alive; she's home very sick.  I'm fxxxxxx worried about her, lying in the hospital.  She decides to get in the car and drive to come visit me, crashes the car on I-95.  They tell me, "Your wife's in the emergency room." Downstairs of the hospital that I'm in with pneumonia.  My wife's down there, my wife who's dying of AIDS is in the hospital from a car wreck that flipped over. Then the phone rings again, my mother tells me, "Dad got a brain tumor."

This is all in a ten-minute fxxxxxx period.  This is a bad day.  If someone says, "Oh, I'm having a rough day," yeah tell me about it.  Let me hear about your fxxxxxx bad day, you fxxx.  I love having that power.  I don't know why, I just do." -Mike Destefano


paula poundstone.jpg

"I drink a lot of water now because it's actually connected to your emotional well-being, which is why, when you go to a therapist, they never say, "Would you like a glass of water?" 

I realized that lives are complicated and all, but to some degree, some elements of happiness and balance are so much easier than I ever thought them to be.  Drink some water and get a decent night's sleep, and it's the darnedest.  All those years, all the therapy, all the angst, all the journaling, all the miserable phone calls.  I look back on it now with deep humiliation.  It's like, "Okay. Drink some water and go to bed."" -Paula Poundstone 


"Don't exhaust yourself with anger at things you have no control over.  Most of the sxxx you are reacting to most of the time is stuff that your brain is making up, and you have some control over that." -Marc Maron

To order your copy of Waiting For The Punch, click here.




Marcello Pedalino, CFT, Author of Celebrate Life.jpg

Marcello Pedalino, CFT, is the author of the new inspirational book on personal growth and development, Celebrate Life.  He is an award-winning entrepreneur, lifestyle expert, and fitness trainerHe delivers dynamic keynote presentations to corporations and organizations across the country who need help making Energy Management and Work-Life balance a priority.



Marcello Pedalino
Finding True Love and Happiness: Starting Over (Again) at 40.
Ryan and Kelley on their Wedding Day overlooking NYC

Ryan and Kelley on their Wedding Day overlooking NYC

It’s never too late to start over, find true love, and internal happiness.  I did, and at the age of 40.   

I was a single dad of 2 beautiful girls; had a good job as a Retail Real Estate broker yet it was a career that was unsatisfying; and submerged in the horrific dating scene, which meant countless 1st dates that went nowhere.   And even though I had a great family, lots of friends, and surrounded with love and support, the reality was, I wasn’t happy.  This was my 3rd career which meant starting over and reinventing myself was becoming routine, but the real void in my life was that I didn’t have a partner to share anything with.  In my times when feeling sorry and reflecting back, I would ask myself, ‘How did I get here?’ ‘Where the hell am I going...?’

In April of 2011 I remember getting a call from my dad saying ‘I just had a very interesting phone call and there is a great business opportunity for you!’ My dad was an Area Developer and Multi-Unit franchisee in the concept Massage Envy for the past 6 years and I worked with him closely in this, so retail franchising was a world that I was accustomed too and had a strong interest in.  The call he got was from a Massage Envy colleague who was also part of another franchise called European Wax Center.  The opportunity was to buy the development rights and become the Area Developer for EWC in Western Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh greater metropolitan markets) and Northern Ohio (Cleveland / Akron / Toledo markets). Pittsburgh??? Cleveland???  I said… Its 6 - 8 hours away!!! How could I possible do that? My dad looked at me and said, ‘Where there’s a will there’s a way; and if you really want to do it, you’ll figure it out’. So I figured it out.

In October of 2011, I took a leap of faith, and with the financial help from my parents, signed the contracts and became an Area Developer and Franchisee.  Shortly thereafter I took another leap of faith, left my job and hired a Pittsburgh based Real Estate firm to find me a storefront.  I was scared beyond belief, financially levered to the max, and embarking in now my 4th career.  October 1, 2012, I opened my first European Waxcenter.  Here I was, starting all over (again) at the age of 40…!! 

So I now have the professional piece of my life figured out, but my personal life still had that void.  That would also change at the age of 40!  Tuesday August 9, 2012, when a random chance meeting at a local restaurant, forever changed my life.   I had just finished working out at the gym and attempted to grab dinner at the café across the street.  But as luck would have it, it was closed.  The restaurant next door was open and decided to give it a try.  I sat at the bar and noticed this very attractive girl across the way.  She had a beautiful face, beautiful eyes, and a nice smile.  I had attempted to make eye contact with her multiple times, but she didn’t look my way often.  She was too busy on her phone (she’ll kill me for saying that).  I had never approached a girl at a bar while flying solo before, so I was very much out of my element.  I struggled to figure out what my ‘big move’ was going to be, and the only thing I came up with was to try and find a reason to sit next to her, but what would I say?  I was drawing a blank.  The other problem was the bar was crowded that night and no seats were opening up.  Just my luck...  I had already finished my dinner, but still no available seat next to her.  The summer Olympics were on the TV that night so I waited for about 45 minutes, using my interest in the games as a reason to hang around.  Finally when the seat next to her opened up, I jumped off my bar stool, walked over (still had no idea what I was going to say) and out came, ‘Is anyone sitting here?  I can’t see the TV well from where I was sitting!’  There you have it.  That was my big move!!!  We talked, drank, and laughed for hours.  2 days later we went on our first date. 

That was the last 1st date I ever went on and the last 1st kiss I ever had.  1 year later we moved in together, 2 years after that we were engaged, and 2 years after that, on March 24, 2017, we were married.           

Marcello Pedalino with Ryan and his daughters, Lilly & Ella.

Marcello Pedalino with Ryan and his daughters, Lilly & Ella.

Today, at the age of 46, I am a multi-unit franchisee where I own 2 stores in Pittsburgh, have sold 20 franchisee licenses as an Area Developer, married to the most amazing, beautiful, and selfless person I know, (who is also my best friend), have a solid family unit, and my life is finally complete. I honestly have nothing to complain about. And this all didn’t happen until I was 40 years old.  Go figure!  Now, when I ask myself, ‘How did I get here?’ It’s a very proud and exciting answer with a completely different story. When I ask myself ‘Where am I going?’ I am clear and focused on where my future is headed.  And when I ask myself ‘What time is it?’ the answer is ‘It’s time to Celebrate Life!’

Guest Blog by: Ryan David Glastein

Marcello Pedalino
The Celebrate Life Hike at Red Rock Canyon with Marcello Pedalino and Friends
Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas. Marcello Pedalino, Celebrate Life

Did you know that there is a way to WIN every time you go to Las Vegas? Yep. Just drive 30 minutes past the casinos to Red Rock Canyon to enjoy a JACKPOT of fresh air, sunshine, and a great workout, too. :) If you've ever wanted return home from vacation a truly RICHER person- feeling better than when you left, try making a play date with your friends and Mother Nature the next time you're in town. It's how all the winners I know get LUCKY.

Special thanks to my VIP friends: To Jack, for introducing this majestic place to me a couple of years ago and for sharing his 360 photo. To Chasen, for upping the ante on this year's hike by bringing along his drone. To Howardand Wyatt, for capturing the summit. To Kami, for being "stronger than everybody." And to all the VIPs who traveled a little outside their comfort zone and went a few steps further than they thought possible.

Cheers, -m 


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Should you Drink "More Caffeine and Alcohol" and be "Overweight" if You Want to Live Longer? No, Not Really.
My friend,  Artie  Evans, on his 90th birthday. 2010.

My friend, Artie Evans, on his 90th birthday. 2010.

Dr. Claudia Kawas, a really smart professor who knows a lot about folks in their nineties, recently discussed her "90+ Study" and she definitely raised a few eyebrows. When her study revealed that "people who drank moderate amounts of alcohol or coffee lived longer than those who abstained," and "people who were overweight in their 70s lived longer than normal or underweight people did," the world rejoiced.  Why? Because people don't read the fine print and only hear what they want to hear.  

However, at a recent AAAS conference (The American Association for the Advancement of Science), Kawas was kind enough to point out the following to her audience,  "Keep in mind that I start studying people when they’re 90." "I think it’s very likely that individuals who have very excessive alcohol intake at younger ages don’t even make it to their 90s."  But, guess what? Most of the audience had already left to go to the local liquor store and Starbucks to celebrate what they perceived to be their green light to go out binge drinking and have their 3rd cup of coffee. :) 

So what's the deal? What's the real secret to longevity?  

Moderation, of course.  And, more importantly, adopting a healthier lifestyle before you reach retirement and your so-called  "Golden Years". 

Look, let's keep it real.  We all know that guy or someone who knows a guy who drank too much and smoked too much and ate all the pizza he wanted and lived to be 94; then we all know that guy or someone who knows a guy who ate more veggies than Popeye and did triathlons but died at 36, right? Fine.  There are exceptions to everything and sometimes life doesn't always make sense.   Some folks are predisposed to greatness and some to unfortunate circumstances.  Your DNA and genes kinda stack the deck for you or against you.   You can help the cause by being responsible.  For the purpose of this article, "responsible" is defined as:

- Eat well as often as possible (you don't have to be a vegan and eat tree bark like they do on Naked and Afraid, but try to avoid having processed foods, high sugar snacks, and saturated fat-filled dishes 5 out of 7 days per week) 

- Exercise regularly (beyond the physical benefits, the perks of stress reduction and endorphin releases will be just as impactful as you go through the inevitable ups and downs of life)  

Dr. Claudia Kawas

Dr. Claudia Kawas

- Check in with your doctor every 6-12 months (the best way to survive an unexpected diagnosis aside from prevention is early detection and treatment)  

Now, if you are feeling like a champ and doing these three things consistently, Dr. Kawas and many others have enough research to prove that a nice cup of coffee in the morning and a nice glass of wine with dinner might serve you well. However, the caveats to that research, which never get the same attention, also show if alcohol consumption goes beyond "moderate" it can increase the risk of brain cancer, brain damage, liver diseases, and liver cancer.  (Kinda lets the air out of the balloon doesn't it.) 

Another stat from "The 90+ Study" that really stood out to me was one that didn't get as much press coverage or attention:  "Over 40% of people aged 90 and older suffer from dementia while almost 80% are disabled." Whoaah!  I don't know about you, but I'd rather die younger firing on all cylinders.  Seriously, why would you want to live past 90 if you can't move and your brain is playing mean tricks on you?  The reality is that modern medicine has enabled humans to stay in the game a lot longer than before so there is a strong likelihood of you living well into your 80s, 90s, and beyond. The big takeaway here is that you should focus on quality vs. quantityHow can you accomplish this and maximize the quality of your existence?


- Stay connected and engaged with an active social network (no, Facebook doesn't count)  

- Keep your brain sharp (watch Jeopardy, do a crossword puzzle, read, play scrabble, try Sudoku)

- Move it or lose it (get in a pool, walk around the neighborhood, take yoga... anything that is a full body workout that has minimal impact on your joints)  

- Make a difference and help others (volunteer at the local food bank, veteran's home, or Habitat For Humanity)   

- Find a purpose (having a reason (or 2 or 3) to get out of bed every morning is mandatory)

- Practice gratitude (being grateful every day will help you appreciate the fact that you're still happy and healthy- while most of the people your age are not enjoying those same luxuries)

Like a lot of stats that are thrown around these days, the hard work of well-meaning researchers can be manipulated by the media and irresponsibly cited by agenda-driven individuals.   As you can see from getting a glimpse behind the curtain of Kawas' findings, the devil is in the details.  Please be vigilant by doing your own homework and ultimately doing what works best for you and your family.    



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Marcello Pedalino, CFT, is the author of the new inspirational book on personal growth and development, Celebrate Life.  He is an award-winning entrepreneur, lifestyle expert, and fitness trainerHe delivers dynamic keynote presentations to corporations and organizations across the country who need help making Energy Management and Work-Life balance a priority.

Marcello Pedalino
Decide. Commit. Act. Succeed. Repeat- Marcello Recommends: "Relentless" by Tim Grover

One thing is for sure, no one would be getting participation trophies if it were up to Tim Grover. 


The man is fierce.  He's unapologetic.  He's intelligent.  I like him, a lot. 

He wrote a book called Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable.  My friend Matt from Colorado sent me a copy as a "thank you" for contributing to a recent article.  Matt, who reads and listens to over 70 books a year, said that Relentless was on his list of Top 10  books of all time and that I'd love it, too.  Well, it's easy to see why Matt is such a big fan and yeah, I thought the book was awesome.

Not only was Grover one of the reasons why some of the best NBA players like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant won championship rings, he's one of the main reasons why they were able to win championship rings multiple times.  He's one of the main reasons why many elite athletes either stayed injury free or recovered from a serious injury faster that anyone thought possible.

Don't call him a "trainer." That's an insult.  However, if you want to call him "THE" Trainer, it's all good.  Because the man produces results and deserves the title.  Semantics aside, he's a specialist when it come to kinesiology, the science of exercise, the psychology of winning, and the art of domination.  Just ask his clients. Grover is the real deal.

Pick up a copy of Relentless for yourself or buy one for someone you know who either strives to be the best at what they do, or for someone who currently is the best and wants to get better. 


Below are a just a few parts of the book that stood out to me...

"You don't have to love the hard work; you just have to crave the end results."

"People refuse to work out or control their diets because it's not comfortable for them.  But how comfortable can it be to drag around all that extra weight and all the physical problems that go along with it? Back pain, joint issues, shortness of breath, diabetes, heart problems. I'd estimate that 85% of all physical discomfort comes from being overweight.  Explain this to me:  If you can choose between being uncomfortable because you're overweight and sick, or uncomfortable because you're sweating at the gym three times a week, why do so many people choose the discomfort that leads to complete physical failure?"

"For all the time we spend working on our careers and talents- going to school, building a business, making money, training the body- it’s ultimately your mental focus and concentration, your ability to control your environment and the heartbeats of others, that determines whether you succeed or fail.” 

"Emotions pull your focus and reveal that you've lost control, and ultimately they destroy your performance.  They make you think about how you feel, and you're not supposed to think, you're supposed to be so well prepared that you slide into the Zone and perform with grace and purpose.  Not possible if your mind is on other things."

"Most people are the lion in the cage. Safe, tame, predictable, waiting for something to happen.  But for humans, the cage isn't made of glass and steel bars; it's made of bad advice and low self-esteem and bull**** rules and tortured thinking about what you can't do or what you're supposed to do. It's molded around you by a lifetime of over-thinking, over-analyzing, and worrying about what could go wrong.  Stay in the cage long enough, you forget those basic instincts.

"A 'Cleaner' earns his alter ego, his Mr. Hyde.  It doesn't blindside him, he goes out and gets it.  At some point in his life, something challenged him and made him survive, and the result was his total confidence that whatever happened to him, his instincts would cover his a** and he'd be okay.  And somehow he always is.  The desire to control anything and everything is so powerful, and his belief in his instincts is so strong, he knows he can't lose."

Michael Jordan

Preparation + opportunity.  That's it.  If you're a true competitor, you always feel that pressure to attack and conquer, you thrive on it.  You intentionally create a situation to jack up the pressure even higher, challenging yourself to prove what you're capable of.  You're not waiting for a critical moment to dust off some mythic "gene" to showcase your greatness.  You show it in everything you do, every chance you get."

"Of course, you have to be able to recognize the difference between stress that can bring great results, and stress you create yourself that just causes chaos. Showing up unprepared, not putting in the work, blowing off commitments and obligations... that's the stuff that creates pointless stress.  You had the option to  manage those things before they turned into negative situations.  But when you're faced with the stress of great challenges set before you- making the team, working for a raise, finishing a job, winning a championship- undeniable gifts are buried under all that pressure.  Not everyone gets the opportunity to be stressed out by the potential to achieve exceptional things. 

"Not everything works the first time, sometimes it doesn't work at all.  But there's a difference between confidence and cockiness:  confidence means recognizing something that isn't working and having the flexibility to and knowledge to make adjustments; cockiness is the inability to admit when something isn't working and repeating the same mistakes over and over because you stubbornly can't admit when you're wrong."

"At some point, whether you are in the boardroom or the locker room or anywhere else you want to excel, someone is going to point to you and say, "You." It may be an opportunity that lasts a minute, maybe ten minutes, maybe a week or a month.  But what you do in that time is going to determine what you do for a long time after.  Someone is going to do something the coach or the boss doesn't like, maybe a guy isn't playing well or working hard enough, and you're going to get the chance to take his spot.  Will you be ready?  Will you have done the work that allows you to step in, fully prepared, and show you should have had the job all along?  Have you been finding ways to stay sharp and focused?  Because if you do well and impress someone, you're in the system.  Now the head guys knows he can go to you, and you've added a weapon to his arsenal going forward.  But if you don't do well, you're done.  The next guy will get the opportunity you didn't grab.  You got your chance, you won't get another."

"I know countless athletes who are blessed with incredible physical gifts: height, skill, strength, speed ... but no work ethic. or no support system,  no way to use or develop or take advantage of those skills.  Successful people compensate for what they don't have unsuccessful people make excuses, blame everyone else, and never get past the deficiencies.  A true leader can look past those deficiencies, identify the abilities, and get the most out of that individual."  

Kobe Bryant

"The only way you can light other people on fire is to be lit yourself, from the inside."  Professional, cool, focused.  If you had a bad night and you can't shop up the next day ready to go, or you can't show up at all, that doesn't affect just you, it affects everyone around you.  A professional doesn't let other people down because of personal issues.  If you need to show up, you show up.  You might detest every individual in the room, but if your presence makes them all feel better,  if it pulls the team together, if it results in better performances, then you've helped yourself to get one step closer to you own goal.  That's how you get others to come up to your level; show them where it is, and set the example that allows them to get there."

"One of the hardest decisions for an athlete is to determine how much fatigue and pain he can endure, and how far he can push himself.  Everyone plays with pain, there's always something going on physically.  The question is, how do you keep that from affecting you mentally?  If you know you're going to have constant pain, can you get comfortable being uncomfortable?"

"You cannot understand what it means to be relentless until you struggled to possess something that's just out of your reach.  Over and over, as soon as you touch it, it moves further away.  But something inside you- that killer instinct- makes you keep going, reaching, until you finally grab it and fight with all your might to keep holding on.  Anyone can take what's right in front of him.  Only when you're truly relentless can you understand the determination to keep pursuing a target that never stops moving."

"Do the work.  There is no privilege greater than the pressure to excel, and no greater reward than earning the respect and fear of others who can only stand in awe of your results."

"The loudest guy in the room is the one with most to prove, and no way to prove it.  A 'Cleaner' has no need to announce his presence; you'll know he'd there by the way he carries himself. always cool and confident.  He's never the blowhard telling you how great he is; he's the quiet guy focused on results, because results are all that matter. "

Tim Grover

"One year I was working with a player going to the Finals, and I was waiting for him in the lobby of the team hotel so we could head to the arena.  I'm watching all these players walk onto the bus, and one looked sloppier than the next.  I couldn't believe it.  Is this the NBA Finals or are we headed to rob a liquor store? If Michael had been on that team, he would have pulled every guy off the bus and told them not to come back without a suit and tie.  You don't need a $3,000 suit, go to Walmart and buy three for a $100 but come back looking like a man, not a kid who got kicked out of school."

"How can you fail when your worst day is better than most people's best?"

Tim Grover & Michael Jordan

"A 'Cleaner' never sees failure because to him it's never over.  If something doesn't go as planned, he instinctively looks for options to make things work a different way.  He doesn't feel embarrassed or ashamed, he doesn't blame anyone else, and he doesn't care what anyone else says about his situation. It's never the end, it's never over.  And he knows, without a doubt, that whatever happens, he'll find a way to come out on top.  If you ever find me and a bear wrestling in the woods, help the bear."

"It takes a special person to say enough is enough and know when it's time to start redirecting your effort into something that can succeed.  Maybe your dream isn't going to play out the way you originally envisioned it, but with some creativity and vision you can redirect your goals toward something that keeps you connected to what you always wanted."

"Today I teach the best of the best to take care of their bodies because when I hit initial road blocks, I refused to see my situation as a failure.  You take what everyone else sees as a negative and turn it to your advantage.  You don't sulk, you don't crawl up and die, you glare up at it and think, if it's not going to happen this way, it's sure as hell going to happen that way.  And you tell anyone who doubts you, "I got this.""

tim grover and kobe bryant

"A 'Cleaner' knows when to walk away, and which direction to walk.  Never running, always walking; leaves smoothly and on his own terms.  He can lose a battle because he's still planning to win the war.  Lose a game, but win the season.  Lose a season, come back and win the next three.  Lose a job, start a new business.  No one else is getting the last word on whether he succeeded."

"Every dream you imagine, everything you see and hear in your sleep, that's not a fantasy, that's your deep instinct telling you it can all be real.  Follow those visions and dreams and desires, and believe what you know.  Only you can turn those dreams into reality.  Never stop until you do."






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Marcello Pedalino, CFT, is the author of the new inspirational book on personal growth and development, Celebrate Life.  He is an award-winning entrepreneur, lifestyle expert, and fitness trainerHe delivers dynamic keynote presentations to corporations and organizations across the country who need help making Energy Management and Work-Life balance a priority.






Marcello Pedalino