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Highlights, pics, and clips from the Celebrate Life Book Tour!

An Unforgettable Evening With Celine Dion
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This latest stop on the #CelebrateLife Book Tour was definitely one of the most memorable. :) Céline Dion is a powerful combination of confidence & self-deprecation, precision & playfulness, and talent & hard work. Special thanks to Talia & the AEG Live team for the photo and your hospitality and to my friends at Caesars Entertainment for a fabulous weekend at Caesars Palace.  If you ever find yourself in Las Vegas and feel like singing, dancing, and watching one of the most amazing performers of our time, head over to the Colosseum and watch Celine do her thing. :)  

Cheers, -m

Marcello Pedalino
A Picture Perfect Day for The 2017 Celebrate Ride with Marcello Pedalino and Friends
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"Show me your friends and I'll show you your future." ~Pitbull

Special thanks to Dr. Jill Garripoli and Healthy Kids Pediatrics for co-sponsoring the annual #CelebrateLife Ride in New York City yesterday. It was a gorgeous outing that included 35 miles of fresh air, sunshine, and Grimaldi's Pizza with some incredible entrepreneurs. :) Shout out to Johnny V'arvolis for the awesome pic at the George Washington Bridge lighthouse! Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Cheers, -m

Marcello Pedalino
Closing Keynote presenter Marcello Pedalino Wraps Up the Caesars Entertainment Client Educational Experience In Atlantic City
Marcello Pedalino, author of Celebrate Life, Closing Keynote for Caesar's Entertainment

It was a pleasure to serve the exceptional team at Caesars Entertainment as well as their stellar guest list of meeting professionals from across the country. Thank you for the first class experience and your incredible hospitality.

My closing keynote presentation included strategies for letting things go, politics vs. productivity, vacation tips, how to keep good company, and reevaluating priorities. I enjoyed meeting, learning from, and sharing the stage with some of the finest in the speaking world... Kelly McDonaldAndyCore-Speaker/Author, & Paul Moya.

Also, special thanks to the Encore Event Technologies production team for making everyone look, sound, and feel amazing. Onwards and upwards.

Cheers, -m #CelebrateLife

Marcello Pedalino
Celebrate Life chosen as "The Book of the Month" by Mobile Beat Magazine
The best book I’ve read this summer hands down is Celebrate Life by Marcello Pedalino.
— Mike Cordeiro- Mobile Beat Magazine

Book Review of Celebrate Life:  By Mike Cordeiro

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Nothing is more relaxing to me than sitting at the beach with a great book. Listening to the waves, toes in the sand -You know the song, right? The best beach books are the ones that make you dive deep into their pages until the end leaving you feeling a whole lot better about yourself. The best book I’ve read this summer hands down is Celebrate Life by Marcello Pedalino.

I like to read a lot of self help, motivational books. The problem with many of them is that they are too “self-helpy”. Sometimes I feel like I need a degree in meta physics or astral geometry to grasp their meaning. Many times the concepts in them really can’t be applied to the life I’m trying to live. Yeah, admit it, you’ve had that experience. Thankfully, Celebrate Life conveys it’s message in a straight forward, positive, easy to apply way.

The Author (Marcello) takes the stresses of everyday life (work, family, bills) and gives simple but powerful remedies for getting past what stops you from, well – celebrating life! Each chapter of Celebrate Life is filled with those “nuggets” we all love at to get at conventions. Marcello highlights these nuggets in boldface type so they literally jump off the page at you.

One of my favorite nuggets in the book is right at the beginning of Chapter one. Marcello writes,“If you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of your family or your clients”. Seriously think about that statement for a minute. How healthy are you? What are you going to do right now to better your health? Do you invest in yourself as much as you do your company? Read the book.

Marcello has incorporated two key things I find that most self help or motivational books lack. Pictures and author’s notes. Each chapter in Celebrate Life has little blocks filled with “Marcello’s Messages” and pictures that really do communicate a “thousand words”. Each chapter builds on the message of the previous one. The structure of the book easily leads the reader to Marcello’s goal of having you learn to let go and celebrate the gift of life you’ve have been given.

At only 150 pages, Celebrate Life is a great afternoon read. Even though Marcello is a household name in the DJ community, this book is NOT about being a better DJ. It’s about being a better YOU. Everyone can find the concepts and message of Celebrate Life useful if they choose. To learn more about how the author can help you to celebrate life please contact Marcello at:


Special thanks to Mike Cordeiro for choosing Celebrate Life as his pick for The 'Book of The Month' in Mobile Beat Magazine.  Glad you enjoyed it Mike!  

Cheers, -m


Marcello Pedalino
How To Wake Up Happy- Marcello Pedalino on "Today In New York" with WNBC 4's Gus Rosendale

1) Be mindful the night before: 

a) If you want to wake up happy, the best thing you can do is go to bed happy.  Now, that's not always possible so the next best thing is to go to bed with some peace of mind.  Take a few minutes to debrief and decompress.  Acknowledge the day's challenges and write down a few foundation solutions on a piece of paper.  The next morning you can refer to the notes and start your day with a plan. 

b) Prep for the day ahead and think about what I call "The Fab 4" for your bedroom.  You want it to be clean, cool, quiet, and dark. 

c) You also want to remove all distractions.  Unless you're a doctor who needs to be on call or something of that nature, put your phone in the kitchen.   If your excuse is that you need an alarm clock, buy an alarm clock. 

2) Don't Hit Snooze: 

a) Like the saying goes, "you snooze- you lose." Don't bother wasting your time by hitting snooze.  You're just avoiding the inevitable.  

b) If you need to hit the snooze button when you wake up, you probably went to bed too late.  Either that, or you need to make some significant lifestyle adjustments. 

3) Avoid picking up your phone when you wake up: 

Don't tempt the social media Gods in the morning.  Their job is to put stuff on Facebook and Instagram that will make you want to sit there and scroll mindlessly for 35 minutes.  FYI They are really good at their job!  This includes politics, too.  If you are more focused on who is running the White House rather than who is running your own house when you open your eyes, you're not going be as productive as you could be in the morning.  

Marcello Pedalino, Celebrate Life Book, How To Wake Up Happy

4)  Don't watch TV: 

Unless of course you are tuning in to Today In New York or The Today Show.  Those are both legal and recommended viewing. :) Otherwise, turning on your TV is just as bad as surfing your social sites on your phone if you're still under the covers.

5) Be grateful and be present:

a) For the first few minutes of your new day, practice some gratitude and introspection.  Start by thinking about a few things in your life that you are grateful for.   Then, visualize all the things you want to accomplish before you get back into bed tonight.  See it.  Believe it.  Go make it happen.

b) If you are fortunate enough to be waking up next to your true companion, let them know how much you love and appreciate them.

6) Fuel up and go:

a) Start the day off with a workout, shower, and a healthy breakfast.  This will give you the energy you need to take on the rest of the day. 

b) Eventually, waking up happy will evolve into making sleep, nutrition, and exercise a priority and soon you'll start waking up to the realization that your future can be better than you ever thought possible.

Cheers, -m

Marcello Pedalino, CFT, is the author of the new inspirational book on personal growth and development, Celebrate Life. He is an award-winning entrepreneur, lifestyle expert, and fitness trainer. He delivers dynamic keynote presentations to corporations and organizations across the country who need help making Energy Management and Work-Life balance a priority.

Marcello Pedalino
A Slice of Humble Pie: When the Motivator Needs Motivation

I was exhausted.  I was grumpy.  I was ready to quit.  After another 14-hour marathon study session in the kitchen, I called out to my wife who was in the living room and moaned, "have you ever spent the entire day studying like this?"  Without hesitation she yelled back , "yes honey, every day for four years while I was in medical school."

Ouch.  A slice of humble pie served up hot and fresh.

Earning my CFT (Certified Fitness Trainer) credentials from ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association), was much harder than I thought it would be.  In addition to all the prerequisite quizzes that you have to pass just to unlock the rest of the course,  you have to read a 700-page book, write six essays, pass an intense final exam, and design a comprehensive 12-week health and wellness program for two unique individuals.   I'm grateful that I had an accountability partner on my side and I'm incredibly fortunate that my "study buddy" happened to be an award-winning pediatrician who actually enjoyed medical school and excels at continuing education.

There were several points along this journey where I thought to myself, "This is crazy.  I'm lying on the floor and whining like a little baby about not wanting to finish what I started.  I motivate people for a living! For the past twenty five years, I've motivated the young and old to get on the dance floor and celebrate life.  For the past five, I've motivated the young and old to be more mindful and live a happier and healthier life. Why is this so freakin' hard?"

Jill, with a healthy dose of both compassion and sarcasm, reminded me that many things we need to do for ourselves are incredibly challenging- but well worth it in the long run.  She essentially told me everything I needed to hear, not just what I wanted to hear.  Yes, the professional motivator got taken to school.  It was pretty impressive, actually.  At that moment, Jill helped reaffirm that sometimes we need to put our pride aside and seek inspiration from others when our own empowerment fuel tank is running low. 

Earning a few new letters after my name, which will help secure some future TV appearances for the book, was a bonus.  Being reminded that who you surround yourself with makes all the difference in this world... well, that was the lesson of the day.  

Stay humble and stay hungry,  -m

Marcello Pedalino
From Indy to Philly, the Celebrate Life Book Tour continues. Marcello Pedalino to appear on Good Day Philadelphia this Sunday with Lauren Johnson

I look forward to meeting Lauren Johnson and the Good Day Philadelphia Weekend News team at FOX 29 on Sunday morning. We'll be discussing work/life integration topics and sharing tips on sleep, fitness, nutrition, travel, and how to enjoy more time with your family. We'll also be doing a live Q&A via social media after the commercial break. 

Cheers, -m


Marcello Pedalino
The Celebrate Life Book Tour continues in Indianapolis. Marcello Pedalino appears on Indy Style with Amber Hankins

Special thanks to Amber Hankins - Indy Style and the WISH-TV Team in Indianapolis for the their hospitality. It was a pleasure meeting you and chatting about ways to Celebrate Life this summer!

1) Make exercise, sleep, and nutrition a priority. 
2) Listen to Pitbull. :) 
3) Be your own boss or find a cool one to work for.
4) Take a deep breath and let it go...

Shout out Indiana's own Perfect Host Jim Cerone for the support, Ron Michaels and my Celebrate Life Ride friends for their cameos, and to Stuart LaMar & Steve Prentice- a really nice couple I met on the flight home who were on their way to have dinner in NYC! I hope you enjoy the book fellas. Enjoy your weekend everyone! :) 

Cheers, -m

Marcello Pedalino, Author of Celebrate Life, Delivers Opening Keynote in Las Vegas for Mobile Beat Magazine

Special thanks to everyone who made Las Vegas another fun and successful stop on the Celebrate Life Book Tour. To Jeffrey Scott Gould and Films By Jfor capturing the highlights, Anthony Vennera and Michael Walter for helping me sell out of books on the first day, Todd Mitchem for your kind introduction, all the attendees who supported the event, and to Mobile Beat Magazine for having me on your stellar line up- it was a pleasure to serve you. Cheers, -m

Marcello Pedalino
Generous Praise and Kind Words for Marcello Pedalino, author of Celebrate Life- courtesy of Johnny V

Since early last September, I've been patiently waiting to capture this picture frame of positive influence; an epitome of my continual personal development. On this Tuesday last week I brought with me my personal m-signed book that I purchased last September (not one of the books off the table) to complete this genuine gratifying photo. Some highlighted similarities we share together: mindset, thought process, growing & evolving through personal stages of development, routines, all in lifestyle views, just to highlight a few, and quite possibly our experiences are very similar, not to a T, yet still similar in our own ways that we've forded through. I've been nurtured through some intense learning experiences and it's refreshingly invigorating to bond sharing VIP support, encouragement and positivity.

My good friend Marcello is a refined gentlemen, an exclusive well regarded signature event host & entertainer helping others; the world in fact Celebrate Life, he is held in high esteem by his peers, clients, nationally and world wide, he is an author, an entrepreneur, a loving father who makes the time to be there with his daughter creating memories, a recent husband to Dr. Jill, his soul mate, who's combined lifestyle accolades are well deserving and complimenting of each other. I've enjoyed Dr. Jill's VIP company and she's the only person to try my tricked out bike on the Celebrate Life bike ride; way to go Jill.

In total, my life is better having gained Marcello as a friend; personally and professionally. He's been a brother, a mentor, a relatable real-life inspiration adding key ingredients into my lifestyle and is a positive influence and encourager pushing me and others towards refining their best today and for the long-term. The better I am, the more I can give of myself to others around me. You are who you surround yourself with; your support system helps you shape your story.

Much fulfilling awesomeness lies ahead my brother, thank you for being you

-jv  #CelebrateLife

Marcello Pedalino
"You are who you surround yourself with." The annual Celebrate Life Luncheon with Marcello Pedalino and Friends

Once again we filled the room with positive energy, genuine friendship, and unlimited potential.  

What started as a casual lunch with a few friends about 10 years ago has evolved into a yearly gathering of great men who support each other's personal and professional endeavors. 

I love that my dad, father in law, and step father are all part of this special day now.

Cheers, -m

Marcello Pedalino