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Start Your Day on a Happy Note: Marcello Pedalino on Good Day Chicago with Sylvia Perez

A few highlights from my appearance on Good Day Chicago with the lovely and talented @sylviaperezfox32. We riffed about sleep hygiene, gratitude, purpose, social media habits, and the importance of exercise. Take 3 minutes and watch if you want to learn how to start your day with momentum, a positive attitude, and a more productive lifestyle choices. Or, just read the 5 tips I shared below. :)

Cheers, - m


 #1 Good Sleep Hygiene is the Key to Positive Momentum.


Q- How important is "sleep hygiene?"

Very important. Starting the day on a happy note has everything to do with how you end the day before. Don't underestimate the fab 4 for your bedroom. You want it to be clean, cool, quiet, and dark which is an optimal sleeping environment.

Set yourself up for success. Get as close to 8 hours of sleep as possible so you can wake up refreshed and recharged. You'll be ready for whatever the new day brings. 

#2 -Don't Hit Snooze
Q- Is it ok to hit the snooze button?

No. Like the saying goes, "you snooze- you lose." Don't bother wasting your time by hitting snooze. You're just avoiding the inevitable. 
If you need to hit the snooze button when you wake up, you probably went to bed too late or you probably need to make some significant lifestyle adjustments.

#3 -Try a micro-gratitude session
Q- Does gratitude play a role in waking up happy?

Yes. Gratitude is one of the keys happiness. I recommend that you start your day by thinking about 3 things in your life that you are grateful for. It's pretty tough to be in a bad mood when you are feeling grateful.

Then, visualize 3 things you want to accomplish before you get back into bed tonight. See it. Believe it. Go make it happen. A sense of purpose is another key to daily happiness.

#4 -Avoid picking up your phone
Q- Is first thing in the morning a good time to check your phone?

No. Don't tempt the social media Gods in the morning. Their job is to put stuff on facebook and instagram that will make you want to sit there and mindlessly scroll for 35 minutes and lose your momentum.

This includes politics. If you are more focused on who is running the white house rather than who is running your own house, you're not going be as productive or positive as you could be in the morning.

#5 Exercise, Shower, and a Healthy Breakfast
Q- What's the best move to make when you get out of bed?

Start with a workout, shower, and a healthy breakfast. Let the endorphins work their magic. Exercise is a great way to reduce stress and trigger positive feelings. When you dial in your sleep, nutrition, exercise, gratitude, and sense of purpose, happiness becomes inevitable because happiness become a lifestyle choice.

Marcello Pedalino