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Generous Praise and Kind Words for Marcello Pedalino, author of Celebrate Life- courtesy of Johnny V

Since early last September, I've been patiently waiting to capture this picture frame of positive influence; an epitome of my continual personal development. On this Tuesday last week I brought with me my personal m-signed book that I purchased last September (not one of the books off the table) to complete this genuine gratifying photo. Some highlighted similarities we share together: mindset, thought process, growing & evolving through personal stages of development, routines, all in lifestyle views, just to highlight a few, and quite possibly our experiences are very similar, not to a T, yet still similar in our own ways that we've forded through. I've been nurtured through some intense learning experiences and it's refreshingly invigorating to bond sharing VIP support, encouragement and positivity.

My good friend Marcello is a refined gentlemen, an exclusive well regarded signature event host & entertainer helping others; the world in fact Celebrate Life, he is held in high esteem by his peers, clients, nationally and world wide, he is an author, an entrepreneur, a loving father who makes the time to be there with his daughter creating memories, a recent husband to Dr. Jill, his soul mate, who's combined lifestyle accolades are well deserving and complimenting of each other. I've enjoyed Dr. Jill's VIP company and she's the only person to try my tricked out bike on the Celebrate Life bike ride; way to go Jill.

In total, my life is better having gained Marcello as a friend; personally and professionally. He's been a brother, a mentor, a relatable real-life inspiration adding key ingredients into my lifestyle and is a positive influence and encourager pushing me and others towards refining their best today and for the long-term. The better I am, the more I can give of myself to others around me. You are who you surround yourself with; your support system helps you shape your story.

Much fulfilling awesomeness lies ahead my brother, thank you for being you

-jv  #CelebrateLife

Marcello Pedalino