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Remind Yourself What You're Capable Of

Dr. Jill Pedalino (left) with Ron and Jill Michaels in Fort Collins, Colorado

Dr. Jill Pedalino (left) with Ron and Jill Michaels in Fort Collins, Colorado

My good friend, Ron Michaels, is a really impressive athlete.  He competes in Ironman competitions, cruises up huge mountains on his bike without breaking a sweat, and can pretty much run 2 marathons back to back before lunch time.  

But what I dig most about Ron is how much money and awareness he raises for great causes (Larimer Human Society / Clothes to Kids of Denver) and how well he treats his friends and family.

My wife and I had the opportunity to visit with Ron and his lovely wife, Jill, this past weekend.  In addition to some epic hiking and cycling, one of my favorite moments of the trip was seeing his "trophy room."

Yes, it was filled with medals and the typical fanfare swag that an incredible athlete can earn and proudly display, but what impressed me most was why Ron really has the room in his house.  He and I discussed the importance of celebrating our life's accomplishments, but more importantly- we discussed the importance of reminding ourselves what we're capable of. 

Ron Michaels, Dr. Jill Pedalino. Marcello Pedalino - Rock Mountain National Park, Colorado

In my book, Celebrate Life, Ron is featured in the chapter about Travel and he exemplifies the VIPs (Very Inspirational People) that I talk about in chapter 2.  Keep Good Company.  I'm grateful to have a true friend that reminds me to travel outside of your comfort zone when possible and that when it comes to building your tribe,  you are who you surround yourself with.



Ron Michaels, Dr. Jill Pedalino, & Marcello Pedalino at Red Rocks ampitheartre- Colorado

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