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Better, Faster, Stronger- Marcello Recommends: "Becoming Ageless" by Strauss Zelnick

Becoming Ageless  - Strauss Zelnick

It's funny.  Strauss is the kind of guy that can really annoy you if you lack self-confidence and feel comfortable lying to yourself.  Like Derek Jeter, he's exceptional at what he does, steers clear of potential tabloid drama, and so generous with his spare time that not giving him the respect that he deserves just isn't an option.  And yeah, he  happens to be a really nice guy, too.

Even if I wasn't a fan of his impressive entrepreneurial resume or his double degree from Harvard (MBA and Law), I'd still be singing his praises for the physical conditioning results he's cultivated over the years.  The man is 61.  He's been called "America's Fittest CEO" for good reason.  Not only does he look like most of the 30 and 40 year-old former college varsity athletes that he trains with several times each week, he always goes 'all in' and keeps up with each day's fitness challenges.

Becoming Ageless  - Strauss Zelnick

Strauss is the kind of guy who you wish would just write a book and explain exactly how he does what he does.  What does he eat? How does he train? How does he prioritize? What are his best practices for sipping the fountain of youth through a fire hose?  Well, good news.  He wrote Becoming Ageless- The Four Secrets to Looking and Feeling Younger.  And bonus, he collaborated with the executive editor of Muscle and Fitness Magazine, Zack Zeigler.

I'm happy to report that Strauss doesn't just cater to the elite "I've always been fit and awesome" type of reader. He breaks down and shares menus and workouts that can help steer you in the right direction regardless of your starting point. 

Becoming Ageless  - Strauss Zelnick

He also sprinkles in some great advice on success, personal grooming, style, sleep hygiene, and the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people.    

I've had the good fortune of having many inspiring breakfasts with Strauss over the past few years.  The words in his book match the genuine conversational tone he uses face to face....

"I may be tired when I wake up at 5 am to train..., but I'm prepared both mentally and physically to push through inertia.  There is no question that the reason I feel that way is because of the way I live.  I consume the right foods, generally get enough rest, and manage my stress levels. I treat my mind, body, and soul with respect, and I avoid toxic substances and behaviors.  As a result, I can usually run all day- efficiently, effectively, and happily.   This is what I mean by being better, faster, stronger, and ageless.  It's about possessing vitality, minimizing disease risk, and maintaining an attractive body that looks and feels the same way- or even better- than it did decades ago."  

Now seriously, think about the last conversation you had with someone in person or online... did it sound like this?  If so, good for you! If not, pick up a copy of Becoming Ageless and enjoy learning about how good life can really be. 



Marcello Pedalino