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Nutrition Coach Certification from The International Sports Sciences Association for Marcello Pedalino CFT, CNC, Author of Celebrate Life

Marcello Pedalino CFT, CNC  Nutrition Coach Certification, 2019

I'm proud to share my newest certification as a Nutritionist Coach from The International Sports Sciences Association.

Over the past few years I've become fascinated by nutrition and the incredible benefits that mindful consumption can offer. From improving your mood, to combating disease, to boosting energy, to improving longevity, and of course, the happy side effect of looking fit, nutritional therapy is something that I have come to appreciate as a vital component on a person's quest to making a meaningful long-term lifestyle adjustment.

As a keynote speaker in the work-life integration and wellness space, I feel that this certification will be a nice complement to my Fitness Trainer certification. My goal, along with continuing down a path of personal growth and providing fundamental lifestyle guidance to my family and to those who request it, is to be as informed and as qualified as possible for my second wave of television appearances, speaking engagements, and book tour stops.

For those of you who have already read my book, Celebrate Life, you know that studying was never my thing. It takes me three times as long as everyone else to get through a book, especially the comprehensive 500-page nutrition curriculum textbook with small print and hardly any pictures. :) Special thanks to my extremely patient and helpful tutor, Dr. Jill (my Rock Star wife), for keeping me on track and making sure that I followed through with all of the research, writing, and testing.

Onwards and upwards!

Cheers, -m

Marcello Pedalino